vol13 no3 (49)/2019




Wojciech Horak, Marcin Szczęch
Analysis of the Influence of Magnetic Induction Ramp Profile on Axial Force and Friction Torque Generated by MR Fluid

Paweł Dzienis, Romuald Mosdorf, Tomasz Wyszkowski, Gabriela Rafałko                                                                                                                   
Non-Linear Analysis of Air Pressure Fluctuations During Bubble Departure Synchronisation

Mohammad J. Mahmoodabadi, Amineh Y. Baghini
Design of an Optimal Fuzzy Controller of an Under-Actuated Manipulator Based on Teaching-Learning-Based Optimization

Lamia Benahmed, Khaled Aliane
Simulation and Analysis of a Turbulent Flow Around a Three-Dimensional Obstacle

Augie Widyotriatmo
Comparative Study of Stabilization Controls of a Forklift Vehicle

Andrzej Borawski
Common Methods in Analysing the Tribological Properties of Brake Pads and Discs – a Review

Małgorzata Zdrodowska
Attribute Selection for Stroke Prediction

Taras Nahirnyj, Kostiantyn Tchervinka
Near-Surface Mass Defect in Models of Locally Heterogeneous Solid Mechanics

Paweł Kołosowski, Adam Wolniakowski, Mariusz Bogdan
Pick-and-Place Task Implementation Using Visual Open-Loop Control