vol4 no4 (14)/2010



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Sergey G. Chulkin, Aleksandr D. Breki, Irina V. Soloviova, Roman Kaczyński
Generalized methods of estimations of lubricants’ influence on the tribotechnical characteristics of friction pair “steel-steel” on the four-ball machine     

Ryszard Dindorf, Paweł Łaski
Design and experimental test of a pneumatic parallel manipulator tripod type 3UPRR     

Józef Drewniak, Stanisław Zawiślak
Comparison of graph-based methods of kinematical analysis of planetary gears     

Andrzej Dymarek, Tomasz Dzitkowski
Searching for the values of damping elements with required frequency spectrum     

Piotr Grześ
Finite element analysis of temperature distribution in axisymmetric model of disc brake     

Marek Jałbrzykowski, Joanna Mystkowska
Overlay dentures – constructional and research aspects     

Tadeusz Kaczorek
Positive switch 2D linear systems described by the general models     

Andrzej Kaczyński, Wojciech Kozłowski
Elastostatic problem for an interface rigid inclusion in a periodic two-layer space     

Zbigniew L. Kowalewski, Tadeusz Szymczak
A role of cyclic loading at modification of simple deformation processes of metallic materials     

Paweł Lindstedt, Rafał Grądzki   
Parametrical models of working rotor machine blade diagnostics with its unmeasurable environment elimination     

Bohdan Monastyrskyy, Andrzej Kaczyński
Contact strength of a system of two elastic half spaces with an axially symmetric recess under compression     

Romuald Mosdorf, Tomasz Wyszkowski
Frequency and non-linear analysis of bubble paths in bubble chain     

Arkadiusz Mystkowski, Leszek Ambroziak
Investigation of passive magnetic bearing with Halbach-array     

Arkadiusz Mystkowski
m-Synthesis control of flexible modes of AMB rotor     

Małgorzata Poniatowska
Influence of coordinate measurement parameters on a free-form surface inspection results     

Valentyn Skalsky, Pavlo Halan
Application of acoustic emission in fatigue fracture diagnostics     

Andrzej Werner
Measuring the accuracy of producing free-form surfaces with the use of the coordinate measuring method     

Andrzej Werner
Coordinate measurements of free-form surfaces in reverse engineering process     

Monika Zimnoch, Wiera Oliferuk, Michał Maj
Estimation of defect depth in steel plate using lock-in IR thermography